Welcome to the Dignity Trans blog!

It’s about time! We are excited to share with you the main webpage where we will post news and updates about the DignityUSA Trans Caucus. We will also link to news posted here within our monthly email newsletter and Google discussion group

Please see the pages above to learn more about who we are and what we’re all about.


A diverse community

Is the Dignity Trans Caucus only for transgender Catholics? 
This is an important question. The answer is no, we need the involvement of all kinds of people to make this group work! It is important for us to have many voices.

No matter your faith background or how much you know about transgender topics (or even if you just stumbled upon this page), we need you. We could particularly use the support of those who are unfamiliar with gender diversity, since we would like to hear from you about what questions people have, and how we can improve awareness and outreach. Gender identity is something that we ALL have as individuals, so understanding gender and how we as a society appreciate gender diversity is something that affects all of us.

We hope for a varied community because we exist for many reasons, and our primary goals are Support & Advocacy, Education & Awareness, and Outreach. These goals rely on human connection and can only be achieved with the help of many–especially with the support of allies and people who want to learn more.

Please see our Vision for the Future page to see what our long-term goals are for the Trans Caucus. As awareness of the existence of gender diversity increases in society and in faith communities, we hope to be here to dispel myths and bridge gaps. We are dreaming big.

How do I get involved? 

Please connect with our Facebook page to be added to the list for our monthly email newsletter.

You might also wish to join our Google discussion group where members can discuss matters of faith and identity, and provide support to each other.

Finally, you can join in the discussion here on our blog by replying in the comments below.


A time for growth

Our caucus is laying down a foundation for growth and we are looking for individuals who are interested in becoming involved–to share their presence, time, ideas, and talents with us.

Do you have suggestions for resources, connections, or edits to this webpage? Please add your comments here on our blog or email one of the caucus moderators.

Thanks, and we’ll be in touch!