Please “like” our Facebook page for news and occasional updates here:

Would you like to join our Google discussion group or once-a-month email newsletter? This is the main way that we stay in touch about upcoming events. Please email one of the co-chairs or request to be added to the Google discussion group here:!forum/dignity-transgender-caucus

How do I get involved? 

At the moment we are trying to grow our wonderful community! Please email one of the co-chairs below for information about getting involved in the caucus– whether you are an ally or advocate, a questioning individual, a clergy member, or a family member. We are here to answer questions, provide support, share our stories, and listen. Additionally, we have many roles to be filled as we grow and are in need your talents and ideas.

For family members or parents of transgender children who are interested in supporting other parents, please contact us below. We are trying to create a support network of “Listening Parents,” similar to the resource that Fortunate Families provides. Additional information can be found on our Parent and Clergy Support Page.

Co-chairs (2013-2015):

Delfin Bautista

Mateo Williamson

Our community: 

Those affiliated with the caucus who would like their names or contact info shared here, please let us know.

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