Support for Parents and Pastoral Care


Listening Parents

We are in the process of creating an internal contact list of parents who might be willing to provide occasional support to those with a child who has just recently come out as transgender, gender-variant, or questioning. At the moment, we are temporarily borrowing from the idea and structure of the Fortunate Families Listening Parents program (and hope to collaborate with them in order to grow the contact list).

Parents with transgender children who have experienced this process are an immense resource to those who may have questions or feel alone with this new information. We hope to eventually have enough contacts to be able to match parents together who have similar situations and children close in age (young to adult-aged), as well as children who are MTF, FTM, and fluid or diverse in gender expression.

If you are in need of support or would like to be added to the Listening Parents list, please email ___.


Pastoral Care

Are you a Catholic priest, nun, minister, deacon, spiritual counselor, or social worker? Do you have an interest in becoming more competent about transgender topics or providing support to transgender people and their families? There is often a great need for parents to have access to speak with affirming clergy members when their child comes out as transgender. This support is occasionally needed as well for children or siblings of transgender individuals.

If you are a local pastor who is facing this question for the first time in your parish community, we would like to help and would be happy to provide you with resources. We will give you all the education you need to provide pastoral support, and will maintain confidentiality.

Please contact ___ if you are a pastor with questions or if you would like to be added to our confidential list as an occasional pastoral contact for those in need.

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